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Where am I From?: WAYF producer Ellie speaks


Where are you From? is going on hiatus – because producer Ellie Freeman is going to where she’s from.

WAYF producer Ellie hanging out in the Trick Eye Museum in Seoul

WAYF producer Ellie hanging out in the Trick Eye Museum in Seoul

After asking people all over Australia where they’re from, it was time for Natal and May to turn the tables on Where are You From? producer Ellie Freeman. Ellie is an international adoptee – born in South Korea and adopted to Australia.

Natal and May wanted to know where Ellie was from, how she came up with the idea for Where are you From?, and her upcoming adventure back to where she was born.

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LINK: Ellie’s blog about Korea, adoption and family – Rok ‘n Roll Radio


Martina the Austr(al)ian

Martina Baumer

Martina Baumer

Natal talks to Martina Baumer, a migrant from Austria who moved to Australia in 1992 to fulfil her adventure dreams and explore life.

Moving to Australia was a bit challenging for Martina. She had to start from scratch. But she worked towards a degree in education and become a high school teacher.

Martina says she moved to Australia mainly to explore life and adventure with her family and kids.

Martina is researching how people coped during the 2010 and 2011 floods in Brisbane for her PhD at the University of Queensland.

She is also involved with a group who are running a project to support a hospital in Sierra Leone in Africa.

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Uniting to win: Best United Football Club

Best United FC

Best United FC


The Best United Football Club players are the winners of the World Refugee Day Soccer Tournament for 2014.

Natal talked to Patrick Ryem and Emmanuel Martin from the Best United FC.

Best United Football Club is made up of players from South Sudan, Liberia and Burundi including other super stars from South America.

Best United FC was initially established in 2007 and that now it accommodates soccer players from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Patrick Oryem talks about how hard it was to qualify and says Best United players always get into the competition to win the trophy.

Emmanuel Martin talks about the spreading of the south Sudanese people as a result of the civil war and proper sense of understanding to create better approaches of integration with the mainstream society in Australia.

He also talks about how hard it is to break through from community football to playing in the mainstreams at the A-League level.

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LINK: Best United [Facebook]



The high flyers behind FLY: A Theatre Project



According to Mindframe Media, 1 in 5 Australians will experience mental illness every year. Yet many people still find openly talking about mental illness uncomfortable.

“FLY: A Theatre Project” is Michelle Roberts’ first theatre production currently making its debut at the Anywhere Theatre Festival in Brisbane, starring Griffith University’s Applied Theatre Program students. FLY is a non-linear performance about a depression sufferer, combining movement, costumes and Michelle’s own original music. The performers also invite the audience to talk afterwards in a relaxed environment.

Natal spoke to Michelle and one of the cast members, Pri, about the show.

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FLY is showing until Sunday May 17. Find out how you can see it through the Anywhere Theatre Festival website.

King Zion of Brisbane Rules with Reggae


King Zion Christland

King Zion escaped his country in West Africa and moved to Australia. Zion is a talented artist with amazing vocals bringing reggae music live to the suburban areas of Logan City and Brisbane in south east Queensland. Zion’s music – inspired by the Bob Marley – aims to encourage and empower women in his lyrics.

King Zion also speaks about some of his fresh and innovative ideas to help young people and how he plans to implement his projects in the near future. Zion also hints at some of his newtracks which will be released in during Youth Week 2014 coming up later in April.

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Noora graduates from ESL to Law



Natal talked to Noora Yuggu, a Law and Justice Student from the Queensland University of Technology.

Noora moved with her parents to Australia in October 2002 from South Sudan. She began her education here by going to Milpera’s English as a Second Language school.

After studying hard over the last 7 years, Noora is now approaching her final semester of university.

Noora has participated in taking public speaking seriously to represent women’s voices. In the last 3 years, she’s used her law and justice knowledge to work with young children. Noora majors in criminal law and she is very passionate about international activism and using her theoretical experience to help the oppressed.

She tells us about the struggles of learning English and her passion for studying law.

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Science communicator and “World Citizen” Melissa Lyne


Melissa Lyne

Melissa Lyne is a first generation Burmese-Australian living in Sydney but calls herself a “world citizen”. Following in the footsteps of her scientist father, Melissa pursued a career as a freelance science communicator.

After meeting her at the Australian Science Communicators conference in Brisbane, we caught up with Melissa who told us her story of making her way through academia to where she is today.

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You can talk to Melissa on Twitter @malyne and Instagram on @mlyne