Colour and Harmony: Founder of Colourfest Gary talks Multicultural Film


It’s Harmony Day on Friday, a day of cultural respect for all the people who live in Australia. There are celebrations nationwide in schools, art galleries and businesses highlighting the rich diversity of the people in Australia.

One of these celebrations is Colourfest, a short film festival showcasing stories from Australia’s migrant communities made by culturally diverse emerging filmmakers. Outside of the events are networking events and training to help these filmmakers achieve their goals.


I talked to Colourfest founder Gary Paramanathan about making multicultural films in Australia.

Click here to download the podcast

The Colourfest  Harmony Day screenings will be shown across Australia on Saturday March 22. Find our where your nearest screening is at the Cololurfest website.


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  1. Checked out Colour feet at Tafe last week as part of harmony day and really enjoyed it. Would like to know about the soundtrack to the film about the muslin woman boxing film. Any information would be fantastic.

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