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Elijah’s journey from refugee to president of the QLD African Communities Council

Queensland African Communities Council president Elijah Boul

Queensland African Communities Council president Elijah Boul

Elijah Boul was recently elected as the new president of the Queensland African Communities Council. Congratulations!

Elijah tells us about his journey from South Sudan and living in the Ugandan refugee camps for seven years before coming to Australia in 2002 as a minor.

He reflects on his great achievement in going to university and having a professional job, having a family of three children and a wife, and how he wants to positively represent the African communities in Queensland as president of QACC.


Unbreakable Talents: The winners of the African Talent Show



The Queensland African Talent Show this year was bigger and better than before. It comprised of 10 various young and energised contestants from African communities in Queensland. There were also three different guest performers, a percussionists’ performance from Pakistan in collaborations with an African Drumming and a Chinese Solo Act.

Natal talked to The Unbreakable Dancers led by Vicky Ochan and her four cousins, Jane Moses, Evaline Benon, Nehema Hadiya and Holly Rock including their Guiding Mentor Jane Samuel about how dancing around their house led to forming a dance crew – and their members who are under 10 years old!

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L-Fresh the Lion roars against racism


The Australian Federal Government is proposing to repeal section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act. This section of the act makes offending, intimidating and harassing people on the basis of their race or culture illegal. Attorney-General George Brandis QC claims this interferes with the right to freedom of speech. Prime Minister Tony Abbott is now looking to repeal this section of the Racial Discrimination act.

Last week, over 150 organisations covering interests of ethnic communities, youth, human rights and law in Australia signed an open letter to the Attorney-General to reconsider repealing the act, as it protects people from hate crimes.

Read the open letter here

A joint press conference was held in Deakin University Melbourne to discuss the best course of action.

One of the speakers was L-Fresh the Lion, a hip hop artist and community youth worker. He shares with us how his family has experienced racism and explains the importance of legal protection against hate crimes.

David’s Hoops Dreamz

Hoopz Dreams coach David Yohan

Hoopz Dreams coach David Yohan

David Yohan left family tragedy in his home country of Ethiopia to come to Australia, where he grew up with a love for basketball. He established Hoops Dreamz, a basketball team based in Yeronga, Brisbane under the umbrella of PAWES, a non-for-profit voluntary association providing awareness with education & sports. But even coaching basketball in Australia comes with its own challenges.

Natal speaks to David Yohan about overcoming tragedy in his home in Ethiopia to the challenges of coaching a basketball team in Yeronga, south of Brisbane.

“Where are you (from)?” Pak Yiu visits small villages in India


DSC_0001.jpg (15)

Journalism student and photographer Pak Yiu went on a trip through India and Europe for four months, documenting his journey through photographs, blog posts and audio. Along the way he was asked where he was from with varying reactions in each country and visited a small village in India which is suffering from the effects of climate change. He talks to us about his trip and why he was inspired to share a story on climate change in India.

Pak also told us a bit about his photography:

Climate change is occurring around the world with independent scientific reports providing evidence. India and it’s developing cities contribute a large carbon footprint. In a report conducted by environmental research centres at the Yale and Columbia universities, India ranks 125 out of 132 on the Environmental Performance Index. The eco-friendly villages and farms feel the effects of Climate Change and are the ones least responsible for it. Locals from Villages, two hours away from Agra the home to the Taj Mahal, kindly told me some of their struggles as they witness and experience the changes in climate and weather.

Pak was told many villages, in contrast to larger cities such as New Delhi and Mumbai, were perhaps the most eco-friendly and self sustainable places in India. Rich urban dwellers are to blame for contributing to the large carbon footprint consequently linking to climate change.

Pak investigated climate change in rural India in this short feature:

LINK: Pak’s photography blog

Candy B: part platypus, all Blasian!



Are you down with MC Platypus? World-renowned performer Candy Bowers is bringing the rapping platypus to the Brisbane Ethnic and Multicultural Arts Centre this week with DJ Queen Koala as part of the Hip Hop Jamboree workshop for kids

But she’s not just kid’s entertainment. You may remember Candy from her days with hip hop duo Sista She who released the comedy single ‘What are Youse Girls Doin’”. Or her Channel V sketch show. Or her award-winning performances at the Edinburgh and Melbourne Fringe Festivals. Or her politically-charged performances with the Hot Brown Honey Burlesque troupe. Candy talks to us about what her ethnic identity “Blasian” means, performing to Australian audiences, and why she picked one of Australia’s most intriguing creatures as her rapping alter ego.

MC Platypus and Queen Koala
Hot Brown Honey

eChamp Aneel on social media at the NEMBC Conference and across Languages

The eChamps clockwise L-R around table: Aneel, Phil, Lauren, Edgar and Tane

The eChamps clockwise L-R around table: Aneel, Phil, Lauren, Edgar and Tane

Over November 29 – December 1, delegates from ethnic radio stations around Australia gathered at the National Ethnic and Multicultural Broadcasting Council conferences to learn more radio skills in workshops and hear from speakers on topics like media, language and culture.

Armed with an arsenal of laptops and cameras, the NEMBC’s eChamps were there to put this valuable information up online.

4EB Pakistani program announcer Aneel Mazhar gives us a rundown on the conference weekend and shares some interesting ways multicultural communities are using social media.

Click here to download the podcast.

Catch up on the eChamps’s conference weekend at their blog: NEMBC Conference 2013